Carlos  will take control of the company effective January 1st.

  • control of the company:会社を指揮する、支配する
  • effective効果的


The doctor just called concerning the results of your medical test.

  • just called:たった今(ちょうど)電話してきた
  • concerning:〜について


The funds available are insufficient to make this transaction.

  • funds:資金、不足している、足りない
  • insufficient:不十分


Please wait for another few hours while we process the application.

  • another few hoursあと数時間
  • application:申込書


It’s important that we play well in all phases of the game: offense, defense, and special teams.

  • well:上手く
  • phases:あらゆる面


John is my most outgoing friend, while Mark is probably the most shy.

  • outgoing:社交的
  • probably:おそらく


Let’s do some light exercise before boarding the plane.

  • some light exercise:軽い運動
  • boarding:搭乗



I have a great accountant who helps me with all of my taxes.

  • accountant:会計士
  • with all of my taxes:私のすべての税金で


If you want to develop skills, I recommend joining Toastmasters.

  • develop:伸ばす
  • recommend joining:参加することを勧める


There will be one junior executive assigned to be in charge of your account.

  • junior executive:幹部補佐
  • assigned to be in charge:担当する
  • account:会社



Julian was ecstatic to find out that his mortgage application was approved.

  • ecstatic:有頂天
  • find out:〜見つけ出す、〜を知れて
  • mortgage application住宅ローンの申し込み
  • was approved:受理された


outsourcing is something all companies should consider to cut costs.

  • outsourcing:外部委託
  • something:なんらかの、方法
  • consider:考える


If we find any foul play, we’ll be sure to contact the authorities.









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